Richard Vajda:

Richard Vajda:

This is direct feedback from Ethan and Braeden:

I love training on Sunday mornings, even with it being early it’s awesome! I learn the things I should and makes me more effective when I play.

Form my personal perspective, both Ethan and Braeden have benefited from knowing you, this isn’t soccer training, but they’ve gotten to know someone who is positive about learning and is a good mentor to them.

In terms of game play, both have confidence on the ball, and most of all composure. I think composure is all but lost in terms of club soccer as there isn’t an emphasis to play the game like it should be, with the ball, patience, look for opportunities – training with you has provided them the confidence to demonstrate composure often Ethan tells me that at times there is virtually no one around to pass to, yet he has the composure and confidence to hold, and hold then deliver, that’s training!

I could ramble on, but to me those qualities are what players need to move their individual skills forward as people and as players.

See you soon…

– Richard