Happy People

What our parents and clients have to say about us:

Debbie Woo

Martin’s genuine passion for the game and commitment to working with children its obvious to anyone that watches him coach.  He is a teacher and a role -model both on and off the field.  His communication style is  respectful, conveying his expectations while remaining encouraging.

Martin has set a new standard for excellence and effort.  He has established ground rules for behavior and utilizes positive reinforcement to drive effort from the boys to reach their potential.  This as we know, enhances desired behavior and outcomes.

– Debbie

Karl Jurczyk

Coach Martin Bittengl,

You are truly an inspiration. Your amazing coaching style and elite level of training and leadership  really bring out the full potential of the players that you coach. My son Max feels so fortunate to have had the opportunities to learn, improve and grow his skills under your leadership and looks forward to many more to come. Thank you!

– Karl Jurczyk

Suzanne Tuazon-Cabido

Having 3 children currently playing in soccer (ages 7, 11, & 13, boys and girls) we were very impressed by Martin’s coaching style and his demeanor with them.  Martin is very respectful and gives immediate positive and constructive feedback to the kids.  From watching the sessions, you can see a lot of thought and time has been put into planning the drills to help the kids develop their skills and abilities and the kids love the drills! Because he actively engages himself during practice sessions, the kids have no problem following through and most often we see the kids put more effort to impress him! Not only does he focus on soccer skills and various strategies of the game, he reinforces and encourages a healthy lifestyle, such as nutrition, adequate hours of sleep, and injury prevention.  Martin’s passion in his coaching and program has given my kids such a positive experience with soccer that they are always striving to better themselves!

– Suzanne Tuazon-Cabido

Richard Vajda

This is direct feedback from Ethan and Braeden:

I love training on Sunday mornings, even with it being early it’s awesome! I learn the things I should and makes me more effective when I play.

Form my personal perspective, both Ethan and Braeden have benefited from knowing you, this isn’t soccer training, but they’ve gotten to know someone who is positive about learning and is a good mentor to them.

In terms of game play, both have confidence on the ball, and most of all composure. I think composure is all but lost in terms of club soccer as there isn’t an emphasis to play the game like it should be, with the ball, patience, look for opportunities – training with you has provided them the confidence to demonstrate composure often Ethan tells me that at times there is virtually no one around to pass to, yet he has the composure and confidence to hold, and hold then deliver, that’s training!

I could ramble on, but to me those qualities are what players need to move their individual skills forward as people and as players.

See you soon…

– Richard


Sukaina Jagani-Pasha

MB SOS has been a great experience for my children.  Martin’s dedication and commitment to his players can be clearly seen.  His passion for the sport is contagious and he brings out a greater love of the sport in my children.  More importantly, while working on their skill and technique, Martin and his team work with the children to build their self confidence to bring out the best in them – on or off the field.  So much so that we went from having our oldest child training with him to putting all 3 of our kids in his academy.  My kids look forward to all of their sessions and can’t wait to get to practice.  In a short time, we have already seen a vast improvement in skill from our younger children who just joined this spring.  Thanks MB SOS!

— Sukaina